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A1 Handpiece Specialists Dental Handpiece Repairs

A1 Handpiece Specialists repairs all handpieces to factory original OEM Specs. We repair: 

    • All high-speed handpieces
    • All slow-speed handpieces
    • All air scalers
    • All electric handpiece systems
    • All surgical drills

  • Longest Warranty in the Industry - Guaranteed!
  • Premium Spindles with diamond-like hardness ensure the strongest clamping force
  • Push Button Spindles withstand up to 36,000 cycles
  • Our Spindles ensure persistent concentricity for longer precision – as sharp as its very first use!

Send us 3 highspeeds for repair, get 4th repair FREE (includes turbines only)

Click Here, to get all the forms you will need to send in your handpiece(s) in for repair.

A1 Handpiece Specialists has been serving the Dental industry since 1975

Our motto is: "We know dental handpieces inside and out."

Customer Satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

We provide you with estimates prior to any repairs. A1 Handpiece Specialists repairs to original OEM Specs.  

Our Capabilities:

  • Reverse Engineer Turbines for all New Model Handpieces(2 day turn around)
  • Repair All High-speed Handpieces
  • Repair All Slow-speed Handpieces
  • Repair All Air Scalers
  • Repair All Electric Handpiece systems
  • Sell New Handpieces
  • Sell Used Handpieces
  • Sell New Turbines
  • Sell Rebuilt Turbines
  • Sell Handpiece Parts
  • Sell Handpiece Parts & Supplies